Lefaucheux's shop attacked during the failed French insurrection of May 12-13 1839

Lefaucheux’s shop attacked during the failed insurrection led by Louis Auguste Blanqui, Armand Barbès, Martin Bernard, and the Société des Saisons as part of the struggle for French worker’s rights on May 12-13, 1839.

Published: Wednesday 15 May 1839
Newspaper: Globe
County: London, England

About a quarter to nine a party of insurgents attacked the shop of M. Lefaucheux, armourer, Rue de la Bourse, with the purpose of pillaging it, but were unable to effect their intention in consequence of the approach of a body of troops.

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It’s not the shop of Casimir Lefaucheux anymore , he sold it to Camille Jubé in 1836 and bought it back in 1845.