100 Cartouches 12 m/m for Revolver E. Lefaucheux

These are early pinfire cartridges made by Gévelot for the Lefaucheux 1854 revolver. They are probably one of the earliest metal-cased pinfire pistol cartridges as well.

They used his compressed lead method and had a “G” stamped into the tip of the bullet to indicate it.


pnfire box are never dated?

Not typically. Sometime they have pictures of awards they have won which allows you to date it AFTER a certain date. And trademarks sometimes allow you to date them.

There may be a few with dates though. I have one Italian military pinfire packet with a date.

Awesome…!!! Very nice.

Hi all

I have this enclosure in my collection, 12mm and same enclosure pattern.
Can Iassume they are for the same cartridge? Made by Gévelot for the Lefaucheux 1854 revolver.

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Can you measure the cartridge case dimensions?

Dimensions are:

  • Diameter: 11,80mm
  • Length: 15,5mm