11mm Lefaucheux revolver

A gunsmith I know well (in Switzerland) wants to sell this Lefaucheux revolver, caliber 11mm.

The inscription on the back of the grip reads:
*Männerturner Zürich. *
ihrem Praesidenten Herrn Commandant C. (?) Büchli (?)
Zur freundlichen Erinnerung d. 5. Septbr. 1865

in English:
Men gymnastics Zürich.
to their president Mr. Commander C. (?) Büchli (?).
In friendly memory September 5, 1865

Can anyone estimate the value of the weapon?



This is not a Lefaucheux made revolver, but an under licence made one.
To be a Belgium made Lefaucheux revolver it must have an EL under a crown proofmark .

If you give me the right sérial number I’am able to determinate the year of making so we can see if the engraved year of 1865 is good ??


Thanks for the information!

I think the SN is 90285 - but I have to check it the next when I am in the gun shop where the revolver actually is.

And if somebody has a broad guess about the value - that would be helpful…


It seems that the serial number 90285 is situated around the end of 1866 and the beginning of 1867 .

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la valeur aucune idée mais il est magnifique