12mm Chamelot Delvigne Revolver

Another 12mm pinfire revolver from the collection at Wallis & Wallis. Marked Chamelot & Delvigne on the right side of the barrel and with EL stamped on the left side. I have included a photo for comparison of it with the 7mm one I bought from the previous auction.
IMG_9475 IMG_9476 IMG_9477 IMG_9478 IMG_9480

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Chamelot & Delvigne’s designs are unmistakable. I have a cased one, and once had one made by Mazzocchi in Italy for the Pope’s bodyguards. The most interesting part is how C&D arranged all the mechanical parts on a central plate under the grip. It allows the user to see the mechanism in action and replace parts without having to disassemble the entire gun. They used this design on the MAS M1873 and 74 for the French Army, too. This one even has the major tools incorporated in the design allowing the user to take the gun apart in the field without a tool kit.

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Was your Pope guard one 9mm?

Yes, it was. It came from an auction in Czech Republic.