12mm Pinfire Cavalry Carbine

This 12mm Pinfire carbine Model 1854 was for the Egyptian cavalry.

Marked LF 1090 on right side of the frame.
194 on left side and 46F on rear of cylinder and loading gate.

405mm (16") barrel. 838mm (2ft 9") overall length.


Rare and very nice, if my records are ok only 400 have been made …
Got 1 of theme in my collection.

LF1212, un M1854 Egyptien. – Lefaucheux père et fils (wordpress.com)

probably not for the cavalry but for his personal guard

pas courant comme arme

Was there a special cartridge for these carbines?

Not that I know … the cylindre seems not to be loner than a classic M1854 revolver

They did make the long range (a longue portée) cartridges though which would’ve existed at this time. And they fit fine in an 1854 cylinder even though they are longer.

12 mm longue portée :joy: :joy: , Nice carbine

It actually is a longer cartridge with more powder.

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