12mm pinfire letter from Eley

Hi all

I was reviewing some copies that came from a very old collection here at
Uruguay. In these copies there are several Kynoch drawings and some handwriting notes. Unfortunately, the copies are not in order and it looks like several pages are missing. It comes form Gomez Haedo that passed away more than 20 years ago and I did not have the opportunity to meet him.
Someone could identify the origen of this letter? it is nice to see how Eley described the materials and contracts of the pinfires cartridges. This kind of information given should be considered as a trade secret.

On the other hand, someone have a copy of the blue print N 735 that is referred at the end of the letter?

Hope you like the letter

Here you go. I have other sizes too. However I have never seen the document you showed. Have any more?

Really thank you Aaron

Unfortunately this is the only document related to pinfire.

After contacting old collectors It was not possible to identify the source of the copies.


Here is another

Really thank you Aaron

Do you know the origin of this hand-written note book?

Taking into account these two letters it looks like Eley in 1921 was transferring their know-how on the pinfire cartridge manufacturing.

Saludos desde Uruguay