16 ga Blunderbuss Pistol

When I saw this at auction, I knew I had to have it! I have never seen a pin fire blunderbuss pistol before… This one is unmarked as to a maker but it does have Belgian proof marks on the underside of the barrel. The bore takes a 16ga pin fire shot shell, but part of the bore is rifled, too. It has a unique spring-loaded safety which snaps back to expose the cartridge pin as soon as the hammer is cocked. Cool and intimidating piece…!(upload://aAkLa7HhcKTRGYFxUvta69zXtO4.jpeg)


Made between 1877 and 1893

Maybe an old barrel used for make a pinfire “pistol”!

I have seen a few of these, so think it was made in this form and not a parts gun

No, I agree. This is not a “parts pistol”. That would be way too cumbersome to pull off. I could see it having been a long arm with the stock cut off, but that is not the case. The grip is made for this (and the frame is made for a pistol grip) and has always been a pistol grip. Beside, the barrel would be too short to be a long arm. I have had blunderbusses as pistols before, but never as a pin fire.

This is called a TRABUCO Pisol.
Belgian Pinfire Trabuco Single Shot Pistol | Cowan's Auction House: The Midwest's Most Trusted Auction House / Antiques / Fine Art / Art Appraisals

Trabuco is just the Spanish word for Blunderbuss.

But yes, I have always found these to be pretty cool and have wanted to buy one if I ever come across a good deal.

Also, I’m not sure I’ve seen that headstamp before on that cartridge.

It’s a “Rodon”. Not sure how old or where from. I got it at an antique show about a year ago. Brass base, cardboard shell.

Nice piece … I know perhaps one for sale ??