2mm Pinfire in the press

Us Brits can’t even be trusted with 2mm pinfires! Man caught with tiny key ring 'pistol' pleads guilty

I thought there specifically were not restrictions on pinfire there?

Pinfire guns are legal without a licence if the actual gun was manufactured before 1939 and is held just as a collector’s item. More recent 2mm pinfires can be possessed if they are just blank firing and vent through the top or bottom of the barrel. There has been discussion in recent years about setting a limit on what is considered to be a lethal amount of energy, with guns below the limit not considered as firearms but not sure how far this progressed. I suspect in this case the guy’s previous record might be more of an issue. Former prisoners are not permitted to possess any firearms and that includes airguns that the rest of us can have without a licence. He was lucky he didn’t get a 5 year mandatory prison sentence, which would have been ridiculous for possession of a 2mm pinfire

I had a similar problem back in the 1980’s with these same 2mm pinfire cased sets.
I ordered gold and nickel coloured pistols and revolvers from Germany as I collected Pinfires.
The customs made me send them as a gift to C.Curtis or have them destroyed.

I could legally own real Pinfires without a licence at that time but these dangerous modern items had to be drop tested, numbers stamped on them , trigger guards fitted and BE REGISTERED.
Naturally I let them send the pistols to USA. I was permitted to keep the boxes, the flare adaptor and the clearing rods.
Now all Pinfires have to be registered in Australia unless shotguns or long arm Pinfires.

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