6 shot .22 rim fire Lefaucheux

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This pretty little revolver if different in many ways from the 7 shot .22 revolvers in the recent Lefaucheux book.

This six shot revolver has a Lefaucheux Paris address on the top strap above the cylinder. There are no proof marks of any kind. There is an assembly number 1 on the grip strap and on the cylinder. I have not taken it completely apart to see if the number 1 is stamped into any of the other parts.

Under the grips there is a marking consisting of the letters LF over a star in an oval. Under the grips is also a number which is different from the number on the outside of the butt. Neither one of these serial numbers are preceded with the open pistol LF trade mark.

The ivory grips have a monogram below a crown. I wonder who this might have been?

Thank you and merci in advance for sharing your knowledge regarding this revolver.

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This very nice little revolver has been made in Belgium I suppose and sold by Laffiteau in Paris, this is not a revolver made by Eugène Lefaucheux

With no Belgian proof marks, do you suppose Lefaucheux had the parts made in Belgium and then assemble them in France?

Yes I will indicate you the page of the book where you can read it but first breakfast

When you read from the end of page 25 untill page 37 you will find the raisons why, the consequences and the problems, he had by making the parts in Belgium and assembled in Paris

Thank you Lefaucheux for your insight.

It was very complex and difficult for Eugène Lefaucheux to do business.

after 1867 it became evident that the pinfire percussion had reached the end of its life, and after 1870 with the change of regime following the fall of Napoleon 3 it became impossible for him.
So he ended making the 1870 revolvers , sold the factory in Liège and started his gunshot factory in Tremerolles