7mm Pinfire by Victor Collette

The third and final gun that I bought from the December sale at Wallis & Wallis. This time it is a 7mm pinfire by Victor Collette. Also marked with patent acknowledgement “E. Lefaucheux Inv Brevete”.


Those Wallis guns are quite a find. Congrat’s to all. Were there any pinfire rifles or shotguns ?

Yes … this one …

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Victor Collette is one of my favorite makers. Excellent workmanship, quality and design… This one is a near-mint 7mm pocket revolver with ivory grips. I made the case and the companion boot knife for it.

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This is a wonderful 7mm Pinfire by Victor Collette.
Why would you want to make a cased set that is not original?
It looks fantastic but is it marked as a replica case for the future collectors. Just my thoughts.
My value is the revolver only and zero for the accessories.
I am harsh but the cartridges have value as does a reproduction knife, but not as a fake cased set.

But it looks nice sitting in his gun room in that case

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or in the bedroom :+1:

You would be correct if the gun had been altered in any way. This way, it is just a manner of displaying it. Whether it sits in a plain display case or in a custom made box, does not detract from its value. There is no intent to make it look “genuine”, so it’s not a “fake”. I intend to bequeath these to my sons so they have a memento of their father’s hobby and skill as a knife maker.

Here is another one I made the case and knife for…
It’s by Domingo Alberdi of Eibar.