7mm Pinfire with unusual loading gate

Here is an unusual loading gate on a 7mm Pinfire 6 shot revolver.
The gate is held by a cam that you roll to the right and then pull the gate backwards.
The left side of the frame also has a separate piece to keep the cartridges in place.

Stamped on barrel: SYST. LEFAUCHEUX PATENT. with a crown.
The only visible number is a 4 on the rear of the cylinder.
Overall length is 205mm with a 105mm barrel.

Any clues to the maker and country is appreciated. I like differences like this.

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Have to look in my books because I’ve already seen this kind of stamp …

It looks like my Carl Stiegele pin fire revolver. Carl was royal arms maker to the King of Bavaria in the 1860’s and 70’s. This may be a knock-off, or an early piece which is unsigned. The loading gate, how the recoil shield is attached on the other side, and the little decorations where the frame parts meet are very similar, if not the same. Yours is missing the extractor rod on the left

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Stiegele didn’t use a crown though, as far as I know. So I’m not sure where yours came from.


Very interesting comparison with lots of similar design and engraving.
Thanks for the photos. Yes the extractor is missing but with the cam lock I had to buy it.

Didn’t find anything on the crown stamp , sorry