A Lefaucheux punt gun

I show you a punt gun signed by Lefaucheux. It is made according to the 1849 Lefaucheux patent. It’s a big shotgun, lengh 149 cm, weight 8.1 kg. smooth barrel 106 cm, 4 bore.

To compare with a 16 gauge!

1849 Lefaucheux patent, system:


This thing is massive!

Here is a 4g shotshell box!


what is the length of these cartridges?
lengh chamber of my shotgun: 83 mm. I think that cartridges for this shotgun measure 80 mm.

I will check some. I may have to use a tape measure instead of calipers though since they are so big!

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fat barrel

I have three 4ga pinfire cases.
Green Gevelot is 67.5mm and has the powder charge in it- never shotted.
Speckled green & white SFM case with nickled base is 100mm NPE.
Green case SFM with brass base is 100mm NPE.

I am interested to see if my case is shorter than those in the box.

The middle one is the style that came from this box.

The loaded one on the far left measures 81.68mm.

thanks! cal 4/80,you can put a lot of powder…

enough for 100 ducks from a single shot!

In french, the name of this shotgun is “canardière”, in english “punt gun” is the good name?

if you have a lot of friends around the table!

I think that generally people would call this a punt gun, however it appears to be hand-held rather than one that was attached to a punt.

What a great shoulder gun. Punt guns usually have the short stocks with a cut-out for recoil.
It is certainly big and I enjoyed the banter BUT.
The last Kynoch centrefire 4 ga loads were only 3 oz loads? I have a box somewhere.
If there are 100 size 1 shot per ounce = 300 pellets per shell = 1 duck per 3 pellets for 100 ducks???
This is theoretical only. I would say 10 ducks if sitting or rising in 1 shot would be a maximum.

In my files I have a punt gun article called “What the heck is a Garganey”
The puntgunner used twin 4ga guns to lift the sitting teal flock then fired the big 2" punt gun.
After finishing off the flappers he got about 150 ducks for those 3 shots (+ 12ga).

I agree with you, I don’t think that we can kill 100 ducks with a single 4g cartridge, but with a big punt gun…