A pepperbox signed by Eugène Lefaucheux

This is the first I have seen in my life…
We all know the pepperbox’s of Casimir Lefaucheux, Eugène’s father, made on the basis of a Mariette, or the “Curé” pepperbox’s, developed by the armourer François PRELAT (Paris 17xx / 1859)
To my knowledge Eugène Lefaucheux had never been interested and had never designed a pepperbox on the basis of one of these 7 - 9 or 12 mm revolvers.
My knowledge was therefore not perfect, still happy, since I present here the
LF 26779, a Parish-type pepperbox, on a 7 mm pendulum base, in double action signed by Eugène Lefaucheux.

Pepperbox signed by Eugène Lefaucheux


Comme quoi,toujours gardé un œil ouvert !
Belle trouvaille

Extraordinaire! Et cela pose certaines questions. Le numéro s’inscrit dans quel serie? Peut-on savoir combien d’armes de ce type ont été produites? Etc…

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Cette poivrière s’inscrit dans la catégorie des revolvers 7 mm à broche, double action, dit à balancier.
La numérotation LF correspond parfaitement.
C’est le premier que je vois donc je ne sais pas s’il en existe d’autres .

This pepperbox falls under the category of 7 mm pinfire revolvers, self-cocking, known as with pendulum mecanisme.
The LF numbering matches perfectly.
This is the first one I see so I don’t know if there are others.