A rifled carbine-revolver in caliber 28 signed by Eugène Lefaucheux

A very heavy carbine-revolver in caliber 28 with 6 shots, rifled barrel signed by Eugène Lefaucheux.

To learn more about this rare carbine-revolver, click on the link below.

www.lefaucheux.net - the LF 120


Is the cartridge shown a rifle cartridge ? I am just finishing up a 28 gauge Williams and Powell pinfire rifle cartridge design. Hope to shoot it in the next day or two.

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No, it’s only a shortened cartridge, but it fits perfectly, the 15mm cartridge floats in it.
I am looking for a 28 caliber bullet cartridge.

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28 gauge :+1: nice…

j’ai bien regardé mais pas trouvé, désolé Guillaume