A Robert shotgun 1831

Joseph Robert is contemporary to Casimir Lefaucheux.
Arquebusiers in Paris (1829-1840) at, 17 rue du Faubourg Montmartre and whose workshops are located at 3 bis rue du Coq-Héron.
In April 1831, he filed a patent for the manufacture of a breech-loading rifle.

This invention is considered “remarkable” and the National Exhibition of Paris in 1834 will award him the first class gold medal for his invention.

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Here are a couple pics of the cartridge which are probably even more rare than the gun.

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jamais vu ces cartouches, je suppose entièrement en papier ou avec un clinquant ?

The little thing sticking out the back of the cartridge is a tube primer. It’s hollow inside and filled with a priming compound that the hammer/firing pin hits to ignite.

You would probably stick one into the cartridge right before you put the cartridge into the gun.