Advice on finding someone to clean civil war muskets

Hello all. We have 2 rifles from our ancestor that was from Gettysburg, PA. One is A Springfield 1855 w/bayonet (has inscribed date of 1859); the other is a M-1866 Allin trapdoor (inscribed date of 1866, and also has what I surmise is a serial number engraved on the butt : 12732). They need cleaning (they are solid but need rust removed, etc), and wondering if anyone can direct me to someone near northern Ohio that provides that service. He entered service Sept 2, 1861 (16 years old) as a drummer boy with Maryland volunteers. Was captured twice, we have a lengthy service record including his diaries (which include his brief musings and observations at Appomatax Court House on April 9, 1865 for Lee’s surrender). His son (my Great Grandfather) used these guns as a vaudeville juggler (juggled the rifle with bayonet attached) in the late 1800’s (I think we have posed photos of this somewhere as an advertisement). They are missing a few parts, and the Allin Trapdoor has a couple of gouges and one noticeable crack (probably due to being dropped while juggling!:)) Anyway - would like to get these cleaned up by a professional and hoped someone here could provide some advice. Thanks, Don

Civil War Diary, Letters, and Photos | Flickr Photos from my cousins flicker page.

Hi @irondon55,

I would contact the people here:

They are right off I71 between Lodi and Medina at:

8010 Lafayette Road Lodi, Ohio 44254 USA