Another Belgian 12mm Walking-Stick

Santa knew what I wanted for Christmas.
A different Belgian Pinfire walking-stick gun with ELG * in an oval and the maker or model is hard to read. It could be A.Romedenne Bte 2036 but the first letter is doubtful? Any thoughts?
(Edited to show A.Romedenne 1869 patent for a canne system thanks to Lefaucheux)

The barrel is wrapped in a black twine, wooden barrel tip with a brass band and horn? grip.
It is smooth-bore 840mm overall with a 730mm barrel. 140mm handle.
The barrel tapers from 21mm-14mm with an 11mm bore. Action is 22.5mm diameter.
The cane weighs 930 grams or 2lb 1oz.

You lift up the lever and slide back the bolt. Load the 12mm pinfire cartridge and close the action.Pull up the ring to cock the hammer and lower the trigger.
The action is at fault and does not hold the hammer at cock but this does not bother me.


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There are more different actions used in pinfire cane guns than I had expected.
A nice example shown above with a different bolt.

I really need a maker of the Bte as shown on my 12mm if possible. Thanks.

I found your Romedenne, in 1869 he filed a patent for a canne - system

Wonderful information to see the proof of the system in documents.
Just what I needed so thank you for the research I could not do. Ron.

More detail

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What books are those, @Lefaucheux ?


Here are the covers of the two books
With the stockel these are the must about gun makers in belgium and france