Anyone get anything good in the Wallis & Wallis Auction?

Anyone get anything good in the Wallis & Wallis Auction?

I got the Casimir Lefaucheux pepperbox!


Yes me, but it’s not in yet …


You bought them ? Nice revolver rifle

Yes … the 3 of them


Felicitation!Je n’ai pas vu cette vente,dommage!

Il avait de très belle choses:

I only managed to get one of the revolvers and it arrived in the post today


There were definitely some super unique guns in this auction with all the gun store markings and etc.

I emailed the guy whose collection it was, to buy a copy of his book, and he let me know the next auction is full of more too.

He said he had been collecting pinfire revolvers since 1965 and at one point had over 500!

He retired and sent 300 to sell in Wallis and Wallis.

Paid my invoice, but for the moment no shipping agrement … gonna have to call them on monday

Same here. I called them and they said that their international shipping guy was going to call everyone yesterday but they never did

i got exactly the same answer

We are monday evening, they just send me a mail about the shipping costs

Just got confirmation, must come in tomorrow … :smiley:

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There in

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These are all fantastic items to buy and thanks for showing them.

belle pièce bravo a toi