Anyone going to the Baltimore Antique Arms Show?

Anyone going to the Baltimore Antique Arms Show?

I hope to find something good there!

Hi Aaron. Do you know Ian Workman. He sells civil war cartridges and other items including buttons from previous American wars. I think he is attending the Baltimore show. He is a pleasant gentleman and has extensive knowledge. I purchased several pinfire cartridges from Ian. Wish I could go.

Yeah I know Ian. There will be half a dozen cartridge collectors there with tables too.

J’aimerai bien, mais pour un tel voyage depuis la France ce ne sera pas possible.

Some years ago, maybe 5 or 6, before I had much contact with some of you from France, there were a couple collectors from France at the Baltimore show with a table that had maybe 15 Lefaucheux model 1854s and nothing else. I don’t remember their names but I wonder if it’s someone who I now know here?