Bayet Frères 12mm revolver

Bonjour à tous & Hello everyone,

This 12mm revolver by Bayet Frères has survived the years in excellent condition. I like the interesting way it can be taken apart without tools. I’m wondering when it was made? I do not know all that much about the Bayet brothers. But their workmanship was excellent.

Thank you in advance for your comments and assistance.

This one has been made between 1877 sand 1893 , see the stamps and marks on the revolver

Thank you Lefaucheux, Do you know when Bayet went out of business?

Volume 1 (A,B,C) of Liège Gunmakers Through Their Work by Alain Daubresse states that they were registered with the Liège proof-house from 1860 to 1881 and had 6 patents granted between 1865 and 1873.

Thanks Aaran, that provides an end date.