Bought a new Casimir Lefaucheux pepperbox at Auction

I just bought this Casimir Lefaucheux pepperbox at Auction.

I could not see any markings and the condition was only ok. But for the low price it was worth taking a chance as it is different than the two I already have. (Poivrière de Casimir Lefaucheux calibre 50, 5 canons)

I’ll be sure to take detailed pictures when it arrives!

Nice! And a steal at that price.

Yeah! I was pretty surprised it did not go higher.

I think I am going to make a “For Sale” section on here that I may post to deals like this that I do not intend on buying.

Sorry Aaron but:
Yes I think you’ll have a surprise.
Did you really look at the pictures and the description?
Once you have it in your hands you will understand better why the price has not climbed.
All the markings have been rubbed and disappeared, the butt is broken and is not original.
In addition it seems to me that in the discription it was mentioned that the mechanism did not work very well …?

Yeah. I saw all of that. And I also thought that the grip/butt was not original from the looks of it.

But for less than $500 shipped to the US, that is a 1/4 of the cheapest price these sell for in good condition. And they sell for much more here than in France.

And I do not have a 6-barrel version so it will fit nice in my collection until I can upgrade to a better one.

Seen under that angle , you’re right :+1:

Its said 5 shots ?? And you 6 ?? Houston we got a problem !! :crazy_face:

ok, so he made a mistake in the description …

I think the Catawiki auctions are actually curated and the descriptions, especially in English, are created by the curators and not the person selling it.

I found they’re overly critical about the condition and it’s usually in much better condition than they describe for everything I’ve ever bought from there.

wait and see …

la différence de prix s’explique par l’écart qualité, a moins qu’aux us la valeur des vieilleries abimées soir plus importante qu’en France

Got it in. It’s not too bad really.

There was a layer of surface rust between all the parts and on screws but I took it all apart and cleaned it well with rem oil. They over-cleaned the outside but it’s still not horrible.

I would say that it is actually the original grip. And it is mechanically sound.

Not sure if I will try to remove the screw on grip or not.

I’ll take better pictures soon.

I like these early pepperboxes. Very nice.

Thanks. Now if only I could ever find one like yours!

I suppose there isn’t any marks nor stamps ?

Must come in tomorrow …9 mm 4 brrels

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Here it is, a nice little peperbox by Casimir Lefaucheux