Bronze 12mm revolver

Bonjour, Ce revolver de 12 mm est en bronze. Il existe une marque d’épreuve liégeoise. Il y a aussi une marque d’épreuve d’une lettre G sous une couronne. Il n’y a pas de poinçons sous les poignées. Je ne sais pas qui l’a fabriqué ni quand.

Merci d’avance pour vos commentaires.

Does anyone know who made this bronze revolver? Thank you.

Bronze Rev 1 bronze Rev 2 Bronze Rev 3 (2)

Rocour is marked on the front of the cylinder

Yes, but is Rocour the maker of the cylinder or the maker of the entire revolver?

Normally he is a cylinder maker , but if you have no other markings its impossible to said more about it

Makers were sometimes very “cryptic” in marking their products - especially if they were not paying royalties to the owners of the various patents. I have several pieces which I thought were unmarked until one day I happened to look in just the right place, and voila - a tiny mark which identified the maker! Look under the grips, on the bottom of the barrel, inside the frame under the cylinder, etc. You may find something. Yes, Rocour may be just the maker of the cylinder, but he may be the maker of the whole piece, too. Brass / bronze made specimens of revolvers are pretty rare.

the use of bronze is indeed rarer, but it is easier and faster to use and to model than steel.
But bronze is softer than steel and therefore more susceptible to wear.

l’utilisation du bronze est effectivement plus rare, mais elle est plus facile et plus rapide à mettre en oeuvre et à modèler que l’acier.
Mais le bronze est plus tendre que l’acier et donc plus sensible à l’usure.

les armes en bronze sont souvent des prototypes parce que plus facile a travailler