Cartridge handloading

Cartridge handloading

By Jean Pierre Beurtheret and Freddy Drubigny

The book:

The aim of this book is to explain the subject from a different standpoint than usually found.

You ill find in it a brief history of the metallic cartridge ant the description of its components (the primer, the case, the powder, the bullet) and of the various tools used for handloading.

The detailed description of advanced handloading procedures and die adjustments departs from the usual specialized literature and will allow the production of ammunition totally adapted to a specific firearm, using the standard reloading tables of the powder manufacturers. Cartridge conversions, ballistics, security of the shooters and on the range are not forgotten. The last chapter is devoted to a short description of the automatic and semi-automatic firearms operation.

This book will allow you a didactic approach into the exciting world of perpetual research which is :

“Cartridge handloading”

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Editions du plateau, 2018.

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Pourquoi ce livre n’intéresse personne?
Why is this book of no interest to anyone?

peut être ne parle t-il pas suffisamment de la broche? Peu de personne recharge sur le forum?
Le malfatti est une des référence aussi.

Oui mais celui-ci est en anglais