Casimir Lefaucheux 80 gauge Revolver

This lovely Pinfire revolver is a 4 barrel 80 gauge I am told.
Usually found in 50 gauge. I thought my revolver was a 9mm but the cartridge has a small movement in the chamber but not excessive.
The revolver is 210mm overall. Barrel is 75mm and 28mm diameter.

The chamber is from 9.88- 9.91mm at the breech and 8.88mm at the muzzle.
The step inside the chamber is from 19.46-19.50mm and is tapered so a bit hard to measure. The start of the groove on the outside of the barrel is 26.7mm so well past the chamber cone.
The fancy etched address is C.Lefaucheux etc but hard to read.
Does anybody have a cartridge in 80 gauge and a photo please. Enjoy.


Hello Ron,
Can you give me the complete marking written on the periphery, is there also a LF number or not?
What is the inscription on the inside of the breech?
It will complet my database


Here’s an empty box that the cartridges would’ve been in. This is from someone’s collection in France.

Also, @ron3350 , see this for the write up I did on the larger version of the cartridge which explains the 50 and 80. This was in the IAA Journal last year too so you maybe seen it already.

The breech numbers from my revolver.

I thank Lefaucheux for the correct translation on my revolver.
Ion. Lefaucheux 10 rue de la Bourse Paris.
I did not realise the Ion (thought it was Jor) means Invention.
Here is a close-up of the letters.