Devisme rifle/shotgun Paris Exp 1867

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Voici un fusil à fusil combiné de calibre 16. Le dessus est marqué “Devisme 36 Boulevard des Italiens à Paris Exposition 1867” Le côté gauche est rayé.

Merci d’avance pour vos commentaires.

This 16 ga combination gun has a rifled left barrel and a smooth one on the right. It has express sights. The top is marked “Devisme 36 Boulevard des Italiens à Paris Exposition 1867” There is a double trap in the butt to hold two rounds. However, shells which fit the two chambers are too long to fit into the trap, which appears to have been board for shorter cartridges.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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Very nice shotgun with a rare rifled barrel . Good quality and prestigious signature Devisme.
I don’t know if the right hammer is original?? Hammers are similar?

That is a rare pinfire. I never found one of these to buy.
Measure how far a new paper or metal 16ga empty case enters until it stops.
My guess is 51mm rifle and 67mm for the shotshell ?
The stock may hold 2 rifle rounds for the odd big game encounters.
The correct chamber lengths will stop me from guessing.

belle pièce très intéressante

One hammer is bent inward slightly, as though there was an accident at some time in the past. Otherwise, the hammers are identical twins. I could try bending the hammer back but it is not that noticeable so I will leave it as it is.

The chambers of the rifle and shotgun seem to be the same length. An unfired 16 ga pinfire shell, 65.40mm long will chamber in each side.

Thank you for your responses.

Merci pour vos réponses.

Very interesting. It seems to use a normal shotshell case rather than a shortened case. Maybe the butt only held an oil bottle or cleaning items?
Thank you for showing a nice combination Pinfire firearm.

for the hammer,you will leave it as it is.