Double Barrel Flobert Patent Pinfire Rifle

Recently bought my first double barrel rifle. Catalogued by the auctioneer as a percussion rifle! Top rib and locks marked “Flobert Brevete A Paris”. Underside of barrels marked “Leopold Bernard Canonnier A Paris”. It has what I think is the serial number and year of manufacture of the barrels - 19509 and 1866.


Nice double barrel rifle, not common in France
what is the caliber?

This is a shotgun, not a rifle, it looks like. I wonder what the Flobert patent is for? I am only familiar with his small rim fire cartridge patent. Nice piece!

Not common in England either. It is 16 bore but for a shorter cartridge than a shotgun cartridge

I suspect that others made the same mistake of thinking this was a shotgun as the price I paid was around the amount I would expect to pay for a shotgun. The most obvious sign of it being a rifle is the presence of the folding rear sights. As soon as you pick it up, it is much heavier than a shotgun. And then of course there is the rifling

a rear sight is missing?

What diameter is the bore?? it looks huge! Maybe a “rifled shotgun”? Very interesting piece. Nice engraving on it.

I see - 16 gauge. That would make for a sizeable bullet!

It just has the folding leaf sights but there was obviously something else there at one time as well

It is about 17mm. The chamber isn’t that long so I suppose it makes up in diameter what it loses in length.