Frankreich - Lefaucheuxflinte, Paris, Caron

What is this???

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No idea for the moment

To my knowledge, this doesn’t look like a creation by Casimir or Eugène Lefaucheux.
It is probably a cap and ball percussion shotgun marketed by Caron.

Here are some slightly better pictures.

Found another one. It’s definitely a pinfire. Not a Lefaucheux though.

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very interesting. Hammer on the right side avoids the “spitting problem”.
Caron was a famous gunmaker.

It’s not an other but exactly the same, look at the wood grain of the stock …

I have a Javelle style made by Caron too. Or is this a different Carron?

A different Carron .

Adolphe Caron was a gunsmith but above all merchant and trader.
Wrote some lines about him.

I contacted the auction house and they told me it would be at least €400 to ship this lot to the United States because they’re not allowed to use their mail system for any kind of firearms anymore.

very,very,very……expensive. How much for the Lefaucheux shotgun ( to comparate)?
In France is more and more complicated.

45€ from France with La Poste

Yes because it comes from Germany, the rules are not the same …
In France pinfire is free, not in Germany, you need export papers … or something like that.

Can Germany send to France or UK through the regular mail system?

You must ask them, I never bought in Germany.
If it cost less send it eventually to my place ( I did it already for P.K. last year)
Then will take the barrel of and send it to you in two parts…
If you think it’s a solution ?

You will try to buy it?

I’m not sure. It’s so expensive for shipping it.

Yes ,and there is always a risk

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