Fully engraved lefaucheux pinfire

Hi, thank you for accepting me here, been browsing for info on my pinfire, bought this while back and loved it, it is fully engraved any info much more appreciated, thank you.`

This is a belgium revolver made by Auguste Francotte in Liège.
You must find on the cylinder the lettres ELG in an oval and a lettre with a crown above, seem to me to be a G with his crown.
The marking of “E. Lefaucheux Invon Breveté” means that Francotte has paid the patent royalties to Lefaucheux.
The revolver has been manufactured in 1866…


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Thank you so much for the info, fantastic, found a crown stamp with a and p or something

AF = Auguste Francotte
look on the cylinder…

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Welcome! And thanks for posting.

This looks like it was a pretty high-end revolver in its day. You can find out a little more about Francotte here:


Also, this appears to use a 12mm (or maybe 9mm, hard to tell from picture) pinfire cartridge. Do you have any to display with it?

Yes found the af marks, thank you

Hi, aaron, thank you for the link really appreciated, i havent got any shell, i think its illegal to own a cartridge to own in uk,