Fusil de chasse à système Pichereau à percussion, gravé "Lefaucheux Sr de Picherau Breveté"

Anyone planning on buying this!!?? The estimate 6000€ - 7000€!

I saw it, but more more expensive …

I saw it too, but 6000/7000 € is much too high for the state.
The stock is very damaged, wood is missing, split / repaired, and a chimney is missing.
The handle of the breech seems to close improperly or seems to be out of alignment with the top of the stock.
When you’re looking for other sales of the same model, the prices of it and in better condition are more around 3/4000 €
So it will be without me …


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vendu 5625 euros frais compris!!!

pas moi … :dark_sunglasses:

Ah bon! pas moi non plus…Ils ont commencé l’enchere plus haut que ce que je voulais mettre