Italian LF40418 with arsenal-made cartridges

Italian LF40418 with arsenal-made cartridges


The LF 40418 … is for the moment in between two batches , so probabably deliverd in December 1861 or in March 1862… future will tell
Do you have his assembly number for me ?

assembly number is 56 DD

Et voici le LF46426 de ma collection.

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What is the significance of the little symbol at the top on these Italian ones?

If you look in the book … :innocent: :innocent: you can read that there existe different type of symbols:
“Champagne cork” like on yours and Jacks
We don’t know the real signification, but there seems to be a relation between the orders and the symbols …

21730 = SD

49611 = Champagne cork

69359 = AG

83011 = GV

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