Kingdom of Saxony Police Carbine?

I’ll introduce myself, with a real brain bender. I have found out so far, it is a Saxon Rural Police weapon. I call it a carbine for it’s length. It is actually a Cape Gun. Calibers are 15MM x 28 gage pinfire. 20" barrels, with sliding rod bayonet! The choice of 15MM makes me think they issued a revolver in same caliber? Anyone know of such a German revolver? And a longshot… anyone got a right hand hammer?:grin:


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Can I see a picture of the breech opening?

The 15mm cartridges were typically rimless.

Could be wrong about 15mm. Bore measures 1/2".

Yeah I think just two different shotshell gauges. If the one side is rifled it may’ve used a slug:

Also, looks like it may also have some type of centerfire conversion?

The rifled chamber is very short. Half the length of the smoothbore. The additional holes in the reciever, are I believe for a safety device. It hung on a chain from the ring on the reciever. Ring is not for a saddle ring. Wouldn’t hold the weight of the gun.