Ledent Et Degueldre Revolver

This is another pinfire revolver from the collection that is being sold by Wallis & Wallis. It is marked on the right side of the barrel Ledent Et Degueldre. The top of the barrel is marked with the retailers details “Scholberg & Gadet A Pelotas”. The lever beneath the barrel is pulled down to slide the barrel and cylinder forward to extract the cartridge cases which are held back by a ring which sits around the cylinder. I had a quick look in the references and found a couple of examples with a similar sliding action but different levers. “Systeme Lefaucheux” has an example marked “London” on page 235. “Liege Gunmakers Through Their Work 1800-1950” L & M volume, includes an example on page 100 identified as a Degueldre patent but with the lever lying along the right side of the barrel. Perhaps Ledent’s contribution was in designing the under barrel lever.


Very interesting. The idea reminds me of the revolvers of Merwin, Hulbert, and Co. and several other manufacturers who accomplished similar ideas, though not quite the same. Thank you for the post.

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Looks like a Galand revolver design. Very interesting!

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