Lefaucheux Model 1835 s/n: 3512

Who is HL or HT?


What are these cartridges? Can you show side views. Why dints on the bases?
They do not seem to fit the chambers properly. Any info is welcome.

The hole in the bottom was to remove the shell with a corkscrew such as this:

A few early cartridges had holes like this for this purpose.

And the earliest ones made by Gevelot had a wire holding it down. And this example has the wire clipped out the outside (and maybe then soldered or crimped to hold it in place)?

Another example that shows the wire all the way around

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Also, later-made 20g in my collection fit it about perfectly, but I think these 24g may’ve been what was used. Maybe not. But the soft copper expanded a lot when shot

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Also, @fusilLF , @Lefaucheux ; Why or why not should I call this model 1833, vs 1835?

january 28 ,1833: numbert 5138 patent:
Lefaucheux show his breechloading shotgun at the first time, with the same system that your shotgun.
this patent is valid for 10 years.

In 1835, Lefaucheux invents the pinfire cartridge,not the breechloading shotgun.

Your shotgun is a model 1833 like describes by the patent. And it was made after 1835 because it was made to use the pinfire cartridge. If you use “model 1835” for this shotgun in not exactly true ,but not false…

Is it even accurate to say this follows the Jan 28 1833 patent? It follows the Mar 13 1833 addition.

But since it is an addition would you always just refer to the original patent?

your cartridges in the chambers were too small. At the beginning, cartridges (size) change quickly. No standart,but sometimes shotgun were modified to accept new cartridge (standart)

additions are used for determinate the date of manufacturing