Loading and Reloading Pinfire Shotshells; and an Original Patent Manuscript by Casimir Lefaucheux

Just posted a new article on historic methods for reloading pinfire cartridges.

By 1850, pinfire shotshells had been on the market for 15 years and people were familiar with these new breech-loading guns. But they were still more expensive than buying a percussion cap and powder used by a muzzle-loading, percussion gun. Shotshells that were able to be reloaded was one solution to this issue. This articles goes into multiple different ways this was achieved.


Vraiment très intéressant, je n’avais jamais vu ce matériel.

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I am currently working on manufacturing 16g pinfire cartridges for an RFD. This is looking promising with all new components including the brass cartridge base. I have almost completed a replica Hawksley style pin remover, primer insert and pin inserter in brass.
i need to make a jig to hold the cartridge base for further machining the cartridge base.