Need help in identifying a pinfire revolver "the love gun"

Hi all

Hope you can help, looking for any info on this very unique pistol. There are so many hearts on this pistol it has to be a St. Valentine’s gift for a lady. I cannot ID it as the barrel address or makers plate is rubbed almost completely off. It is in 9mm and I other than the serial number I see no other markings. It is a double action and works perfectly. I have owned many pin fire 's over my many years but have never seen anything like this before. I had more pics but maybe I reached my limit.

cheers Sean

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That’s a neat gun. You should be able to post more picture on a reply to this

That is CRAZY! Definitely one of the most unique pieces I have ever seen. I think it may be impossible to identify if you can’t find some marks - initials on the frame, under the grips, perhaps? I can just barely make out what looks like “GD” on the face of the cylinder - could be Gilles Decortis who made cylinders for other makers. Any Belgian proof marks?

thx Aaron, ever seen anything like this pistol before…?
strange it will not allow me to drag and drop a pic.


yes I agree unique, I normally do not go out of my way for most non cartridge guns but this one really caught my eye. there is a crown over a couple letters but they are washed out from the plating.
I can almost make out a couple of letters on the barrel address plate, looks like an X where it should be located if it were made by Lefaucheux.

does the stylized L on the bottom with the heart stand for LOVE or Lafaucheux…?

I just looked up my Chris Curtis book because yours kinda reminded me of one he has in his book - on page 192 he shows one made by “Ch. T. Colard” with a very similar recoil shield and barrel lug. The front sight looks similar, too.
Colard.pdf (500.8 KB)

I think we may have a winner… Look at the “L” on the bottom of the Colard revolver

Colard.pdf (500.8 KB)

yes I think we do have a winner…!

now I guess that L is really a C and L combined for Colard.

now comes an even more difficult question, and we all know that condition is everything when it comes to fines firearms collecting, any guess’s on potential value…?

There is also Louis Colard:

I believe the style of my revolver is a closer match to Ch.T. Colard.
Great work gun detectives,

That’s hard to say. A lot depends on where you are. In Canada I think you would be hard pressed to get $1000 for it. The hammer spur is missing, and there is a crack in the trigger guard (looks like) so I really don’t know. You may get more in the US or Europe. Aaron is more of an expert than I ever will be.

You are correct in that the hammer spur is broken and there is a crack in the guard, and the gold wash is 50% gone.

But, oh what a unique piece…!!!