One of the very first belgium M1854?

Ok it’s not in a very good shape but …
This is in my opinion one of the very first M1854 revolver manufactured under license in Belgium, especially comparing it with the LF 28.
What do you think, give me your opinion or interpretation…

The belgium version:

The LF 28 version

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It definitely seems early! But why would they go back to that design if it was quite a bit later when they started making it in Belgium?

Also, is that inspector mark the only mark you could find on it?

No, this is an under licence made revolver, not a by Lefaucheux made revolver, nevertheless the proofmark on the left side would by in use after 1857 when he sold the rights to his company.

The number of this revolver is 218.
And on top of the barrel I seem to read “Lefaucheux Bté”

Here it is …

Un des premiers type M1854 belge. – Lefaucheux père et fils (

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