Possible Lefauchex Revolver

Both of my in-laws recently passed away & while cleaning out their house we came across this gun in the back of my mil’s dresser drawer, my husband says he’s never seen this gun before & knew of all the guns his parents owned. A friend of ours thinks (with a quick Google search) it’s a “Lefauchex Revolver” but of course we’re not sure at all. There are no markings other than an “ELG” stamp, it has an octagon barrel inside & out that is about 6” long (that’s just an estimate) Any information that could be given on this gun would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Your revolver is not a Lefaucheux, but a belgium made pinfire revolver.
To be a Lefaucheux revolver the name or marks must be on it ….

As @Lefaucheux mentioned, it is a Belgian pinfire revolver. It does not appear to be made by Lefaucheux’s company. There were many manufacturers of these pinfire revolvers. I can’t tell 100% from just pictures but it appears to be chambered for either 9mm or 12mm pinfire cartridges.