Request and search for LF numbres , father and son

Hello to you,
For almost 15 years I have noted all the LF numbers of Eugène Lefaucheux, more than 3250 numbers and more than 1000 files with photos and details. Today I am able, from the model and the LF number to determine the year and the month of manufacture, to say to which order the revolver is connected, the place of manufacture and the quantities …

We started to do the same thing for revolvers manufactured in own or under license in Liège in Belgium.
We are progressing and are already able, from the serial number, to indicate the year.

Today we want to try to do the same for the weapons of Casimir Lefaucheux. He begins to put an LF in a square edge from 1845, after the acquisition of Mr Jubé.
On his pepperboxes, pistols and shotguns …

But for that I need your help.
You have a Lefaucheux weapon with an LF with an open pistol above or marked EL with a crown above, let me know by a small PM, with a photo of the marking and I will tell you a little more about it.

I thank you in advance

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also If you have a shotgun with a “Lefaucheux” marking on the barrel (without LF,without EL)
What do you think about it?