Revolver marked Lefaucheux fils .... next to come

Is probably somewhere above the ocean …

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You got a really good deal on that at the auction.

I bought it years ago (2014 or 2015) at the Middle Tennessee Civil War show from a dealer for $1100. I sold it to Horst Held in 2017 for $1800 and I kept a couple of the cartridges. I showed you it back then when you bought that broadside on eBay that shows this pistol.

?? what is that broadside ??

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Ok that one, Yes still got it …

You got the three other missing cartridges ?

interesting with false cartridges ,Beringer used this metallic cartridges

Aaron : have you analyzed this revolver? if so, what were your conclusions on this subject?

I mainly bought the gun FOR the cartridges.

When I bought it it was missing 1 cartridge.
I kept 2 cartridges and later sold one to another cartridge collector for $300.
I have 1 left for my collection and here it is:

Here are a few more too. I have picked up some more since this too.


The hammer is concave inside and not flat at the bottom. I do not think it could work for regular pinfire cartridges even if there were some insert to fill the cylinder or a different cylinder.

It was in good mechanical condition but I do not remember much more and I can not find the rest of the pictures I took of it.

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