Revolver marked Lefaucheux fils .... next to come

Is probably somewhere above the ocean …

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You got a really good deal on that at the auction.

I bought it years ago (2014 or 2015) at the Middle Tennessee Civil War show from a dealer for $1100. I sold it to Horst Held in 2017 for $1800 and I kept a couple of the cartridges. I showed you it back then when you bought that broadside on eBay that shows this pistol.

?? what is that broadside ??

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Ok that one, Yes still got it …

You got the three other missing cartridges ?

interesting with false cartridges ,Beringer used this metallic cartridges

Aaron : have you analyzed this revolver? if so, what were your conclusions on this subject?

I mainly bought the gun FOR the cartridges.

When I bought it it was missing 1 cartridge.
I kept 2 cartridges and later sold one to another cartridge collector for $300.
I have 1 left for my collection and here it is:

Here are a few more too. I have picked up some more since this too.


The hammer is concave inside and not flat at the bottom. I do not think it could work for regular pinfire cartridges even if there were some insert to fill the cylinder or a different cylinder.

It was in good mechanical condition but I do not remember much more and I can not find the rest of the pictures I took of it.

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After waiting more than 2 years the 4108 came home 2 days ago …

Et il ressemble à quoi?

Remonte le post jusqu’en haut et tu verra

Je vois une poivrière LF539 :slight_smile: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
J’ai mal lu, j’ai cru lire LF4108 au lieu de 4108,et forcément je ne faiais pas le lien autant pour moi!
Il est chouette, une belle acquisition.

Légèrement belge sous licence par Pirlot frères signé sur le canon Lefaucheux fils selon notre base 1859 .

Voici encore une pièce qu’on ne voit pas souvent.
Un revolver M1854 signé Invn E. Lefaucheux fils breveté Pirlot à Liège.
Une pièce avec beaucoup d’inconnues et d’interrogations.

Cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous pour en savoir plus
Here’s another piece you don’t see often.
An M1854 revolver signed Invn E. Lefaucheux fils breveté Pirlot à Liège.
A revolver with many unknowns and questions.

Click on the link below to find out more


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