Shotgun number LF 1

Eugène Lefaucheux rifle issued from patent 131616 of 25th of January, 1879.

The shotgun presented here issued from Eugène Lefaucheux’s patent n ° 131616 deposited by Sieur Maurice in Paris on 25th of January, 1879.
The patent was also deposited in Belgium, under the n ° 47251 by Gustave Bronne on 27th of January of the same year.
The initial patent is supplemented by three additions.
The certificate of addition which concerns us is the 3rd deposited in France by Maurice on 24th of April, 1880 and by Gustave Bronne, under patent n ° 51272 of the following 26th of April.
This shotgun is a combination of drawing 18/19 because of its external presentation and the position of the triggers and the drawing 20 for part of its internal mechanism.
The shotgun presented here is extremely rare since it is a combination of several presentations and the fact that this weapon bears the number LF 1.
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Fusil issu du brevet 131616. – Lefaucheux père et fils (

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Very rare! Very impressive! The design is striking - like something out of science fiction. Artistic excellence. Many thanks for sharing this treasure.