T.Murcott 12mm Pinfire Rifle

This 12mm Pinfire rifle was sold by Theophilus Murcott. 68 Haymarket, London.
Boothroyd’s Directory of British Gunmakers on page 268 states:
T.Murcott operated from 1861-1878 when the firm apparently ceased to trade.

The rifle weighs 4lbs 7oz (2.005kg).
Barrel is 1ft 8.5" long (520mm) and is 3ft 1" (940mm) overall length.
The chamber fits the long HB Paris cartridges.

You cock the hammer and lift the right side lever up which is the breech block.
The left lever is an extractor which removes the case 14mm or ejects if done quickly.
The octagonal barrel is missing the rear sight.
Birmingham proofs on the left of the barrel with a 60.
The interesting stamps are under the barrel. Seems to be a pistol LF or ELF? 263.
I would like to identify this maker and ask if it is Lefaucheux?
Also it has H.E.BROWN stamped into the wood under the stock (previous owner?).

It looks like T.Murcott sold weapons made by other makers.
All comments are welcome.


a beautiful E.Lefaucheux rifle with interesting stamps (ELF “pistol” and LF “pistol” 263).
Lefaucheux will explain this marking…

This one is extreemly rare …

here follows his patent and some similaire ones …

Carabine 12 mm issue du brevet 043104 déposé à Paris le 5 décembre 1859. – Lefaucheux père et fils (wordpress.com)

Une carabine M1859. – Lefaucheux père et fils (wordpress.com)

LF87, une carabine M1859. – Lefaucheux père et fils (wordpress.com)

this is a 12mm pinfire carbine from the patent of 1859.
it is a manufacture of Lefaucheux, the LF 263 proves it.
however we do not yet have the explanation of the E.LF marking.
the interpretation is clear: " Eugène Lefaucheux", but the why and raison is for the moment an enigma.
the E.LF marking surmounted by an M1854 revolver is found ONLY on the weapons resulting from the patent of 1859.
the number of his weapons manufactured is probably about 550 pieces.
this type of weapon exists, to our knowledge in: 7 mm (pistol) - 12 mm and 15 mm.
the mechanism exists in different forms: without extractor - with manual extractor on the left and automatic ejector.
The mechanism exists like the LF 263, in direct pinfire percussionor in indirect percussion like the one attached in the photo.

Interesting patents and thanks for the Lefaucheux confirmation.

Magnifique et introuvable, hélas.

Jack ,
Il ne faut jamais dire “introuvable” … la preuve, je les ait trouvé … :smile:

Very interesting. I have wondered if Lefaucheux-made guns were ever marketed by prominent British gunmakers at the time. From the simple “T. Murcott” marking (and not “& Co.”), the gun would date to 1866 or later. For interest, here is a converted Murcott pinfire game gun, sadly in poor condition:

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here you have its patent …

Brevet 043104 du 5 décembre 1859 et additions. – Lefaucheux père et fils (wordpress.com)