The Jarre familly

Maison Jarre is known to everyone for its “Harmonica” type revolvers and pinfire rifles.
Maison Jarre is a large family of gunsmiths, spanning at least 3 generations.
The story begins with a small gunsmith shop to become a beautiful house in Paris.
Reading the little literature available I noticed that the authors had mixed generations, names, places and people.
With the help of the Civil State archives I tried to see a little more clearly in this.
And here’s the result …
Click on the link below to read the genealogy of this Jarre family. - Jarre


I always liked this cased one with speed leaders that Horst Held had.

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Here’s an ad too:

Thanks Aaron for the pictures and the advertissement


And an American patent!?

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a dream…………………………………

C’est beau de rêver, parce que cela peut encore devenir une réalité …
Une pièce est à vendre sur NB pour 5500 €

Oui tres belle pièce, mais je suis plutôt fusil

Mais celui ci ne me plait guère…

Patience alors … un jour ta chance viendra … :blush: mais c’est des objets rares