Timings & Son 9mm Pinfire Revolver

Here is another odd case extraction system on a 9mm Pinfire revolver.
The front lever is unclipped and moved rearward which slides the barrel and chambers forward.
The extractor ring catches the pins and ejects all cases.
Instead of a loading gate it has a spring-loaded projection that springs downward when loading a cartridge and then keeps the cartridge in the chamber when loaded.
Does anybody know what patent this is?

John Henry Timings was listed as a Birmingham gunmaker (1845-1863).
& Son listed (1864-1883) at 117 Great Charles St, Birmingham (1861-1883) in the reference book "English Gunmakers " by Bailey & Nie in the Birmingham gunmaker section.

The revolver has Birmingham proofs but no visible number.
It is 260mm overall length with a 147mm barrel.

TIMINGS & SON is marked on the top of the barrel.

Looks like a Degueldre system