Unknown pinfire revolver

I recently saw this revolver at a local gun shop - caliber 7mm, SN 1068 - no other inscriptions, markings, stamps etc. are visible. I assume it dates from the 1860s/1870s. Since there are no proof marks, I assume it does not come from Belgium (like so many other pin fire revolvers).

Does anybody knows more about this nice revolver (manufacturer, country of origin, dating, etc.)?


Yeah that is an interesting one. I don’t have any answers but maybe someone will!

Without other indications it will be difficult to say more about it.
The opening system in front is interesting

Je ne connais pas, mais il serait peut-être intéressant de poser la question à A.Daubresse auteur d’une intéressante documentation sur les armes liégeoises - alantrigger01@hotmail.com

Merci pour le conseil - très bonne idée!

Comme je pensais que ce n’était pas un revolver belge (absence de “proof marks” - comment on appelle ça en français ? :blush:), je n’ai pas cherché dans les livres d’Alain Daubresse…

Je lui envoye un e-mail.


The flared barrel? reminds me of something I have seen. But I can’t place it

Actually I found it! Page 240 of Systeme Lefaucheux. It is the Alexander Guerriero patent. This looks like the French version in the patent picture but he also did a US version and the patent model is in the Smithsonian collection:

but from a technical point of view this gun is completely different

I have contacted Alain Daubresse. He could not say anything about the manufacturer, he neither confirmed nor denied my guess about the production period (1860s/1870s) and does not completely exclude that the gun comes from Belgium…:slightly_smiling_face:

Pin fire revolvers are not my collecting area nevertheless I like this obviously unusual and nice looking revolver more and more - I consider to buy it.

What would be a fair price?


Is there no one who can give a rough estimate (200, 500, 1000 or more)?


If you want to have an estimation, I would say between 200 and 400 € perhaps a little more, it depends who you have in front of you …

Thanks - that helps!