Wallis & Wallis - Feb 9

Anyone get anything good?

Here is the spreadsheet I made for it:

I got:








I regret not getting 252:

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nice! good choice,no shotgun?

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A DB 12 bore underlever pinfire shotgun, by W. Barratt, Burton on Trent, c 1865, 46" overall, damascus barrels 30" engraved on the top rib “BURTON-ON-TRENT”; signed back action locks engraved with scrolls and game dogs; walnut stock with chequered fore end and wrist, steel mounts and oval WM escutcheon. GWO & C, the dark patina to metalwork (light pitting to trigger guard). Plate £200-300

There was only 1 in the sale. Its hammer price was £300. But it was not one I was interested in.

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thanks I prefer Lefaucheux shotgun :grinning:


I was trying to juggle two work meetings and the auction, so ended up with just a bayonet!

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Got this … has nothing to do with pinfire… Medal from the 1855 exposition


Some very nice items offered there.
I thought Lot 228 was dirt cheap. An 18 shot , never seen one.
I also liked lots 273 and 252. Those prices are doubled in Australia.
Even with postage etc. would be bargains.
Since registration of pinfires and permits to purchase, customs,duty etc, I no longer add to my collection. Ron.

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Yeah most of these I bought with the eye of reselling. I am going to start selling some guns on my website soon.

And then the Bertonnet marked ones (256 and 294) will display nicely with my Bertonnet cartridges!!


So it turns out I can’t import these 3 ivory grips into the United States.

Do any of my friends in the UK or Europe wants some nice ivory grips and will trade me for some wooden ones for the same guns?

Maybe @davidhferguson or @Lefaucheux or anyone?

Why can’t you ? Because of the ivory ?

Yes. Apparently no ivory can be imported into the US. I can bring the guns without the grips.

As the UK has now left the EU, you will need export and import CITES permits to move the grips anywhere outside of GB. I have a 7mm pinfire with wooden grips that I might consider swapping if they are an exact match and there are no issues with the left grip - only the right grip was included in the auction photographs. If you just need somebody to hold on to them until you sort out what you are doing with them then by all means get the auctioneer to send them to me. Otherwise you might need to ask the auctioneer to sell the grips in the next auction. Pity you hadn’t mentioned it last week as the auctioneer posted my item on Friday!

Here it is

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