What patent is this Casimir Lefaucheux pistol?

What patent is this Casimir Lefaucheux pistol?

And what is the connection with Béringer pistols that look so similar?

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Beringer was one of the gunsmiths how signed a production licence with Casimir in 1832.

I don’t see him listed in Lautissier’s book?

Also, I guess this is closest to the mousqueton model that he presented to the Société d’Encouragement pour l’Industrie Nationale in 1835.

Perhaps I made a mistake , will have a look

1833 patent (march 1833) with addition ( pinfire cartridge in 1835).
Lefaucheux often made the key in front and Beringer behind.That’s why we usualy say " Lefaucheux key" and “Beringer key”. It’s not really good. I have ever seen a lefaucheux key like that.

You’re right, he is not in the list … :innocent: :innocent: