What weapon is it?

Hello, I write from Argentina

This weapon was used more than 100 years ago in a crime of passion, I attach photographs.

Could someone help me and tell me if it is a French-made Lefaucheux or from what origin? What year was it manufactured?

Thank you

No stamps or proofmarks , no identification possible .

Yhanks, It is correct, it has no stamps.
Do your decorative engravings give no indication of their date of manufacture?

No the decoration doesn’t say anything

No proofs, just numbers usually means Spanish mfg. In my experience anyway. They didn’t get anal about proof marks till the 20th century. Everybody else had been for a long time.

I have seen revolvers from the same era with markings.
This does not have any type of print, only decoration
I am only clear that it is not a Lefaucheux
I couldn’t even find out its year of manufacture