Who made this pinfire recapper loading tool?

Who made this pinfire recapper loading tool?

I have seen this style before too with a 12mm pistol:

I wish I could be of assistance regarding the maker. But thanks for posting. I have reloaded pinfire shells. This tool is a great design, I can see how much more easy it would be to recap a shell with something like this.

Many of the boxwood pinfire tools are French. I cannot read the stampings on the pictures of the tool, but therein lies the tale.

The stamp is:

F.C. INVon Btee S.G.D.G. A.C.

This can be read as F.C. Invention Breveté S.G.D.G A.C.

Breveté S.G.D.G means Breveté Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement, or patent without government guarantees

I am not sure what the A.C. is but other things have that too.

F.C. should be the initials of the patentee.

FC maybe Ferdinand Claudin ,but I don’t think…

Interesting. Anyone have any info on:

Cote du dossier 1BB30328
Type de brevet Brevet d’invention de 15 ans
Titre amorce-cartouche et son tire-broche
Nombre d’additions 1 addition
Année de dépôt 1856
Adresse du déposant Paris (1, rue Joquelet, Seine)/Paris (7, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, Seine)
Profession du déposant fabricant d’armes/bijoutier
Numéro de dépôt 30328
Date de dépôt 30/12/1856
Classe 11
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Aaron and all, thanks for the help. I have a fine F Claudin 16 ga. double shotgun with a modified Lefaucheux design. Under the forend lever is Claudin Brevete. This could be the F C person in question.

Yes. Plus Claudin (and Charles, whoever he is) has the patent I mentioned above with the description:

“amorce-cartouche et son tire-broche” which translates to: “cartridge primer and pin puller” which sounds very much like this tool.

I said “I don’t think” because Claudin signed firearms “Fd Claudin” “Claudin Breveté” “FD Claudin Brevete Boulevard des Italiens 38 Paris”
I have never seen tis stamp but not imposible.

The best I can do on the Claudin stamp.