Who made this single-barrel shotgun shown at the London Great Exhibition of 1851?

Who made this single-barrel shotgun that was displayed at the London Great Exhibition of 1851?


Yes, Casimir Lefaucheux …Who else ?

That is my thought. They just use weird wording; “on Lefaucheux’s plan.”

I think that that gun I showed you on Catawiki is this same model.

I went ahead and bought it, it was so cheap. I’ll see what I can find when it arrives.

Let me know and show me de details

Probably it was made by Lefaucheux. But, It is written “…Claudin and others also have specimen of gun upon the same principe” ( to the left).
Maybe a 1849 patent shotgun. I will show you a exemple


And that is Lefaucheux not Claudin right?

Here is the 1850, (and addendums from 1852,1857) Claudin patent:

“lefaucheux 's plan” : its a 1833 Lefaucheux patent or 1849 Lefaucheux patent.
In 1851,the 1833 Lefaucheux’s patent is free,every gunmakers can make this model.
In 1851, the 1849 Lefaucheux’s patent was Lefaucheux 's property.
It’s not for me a Claudin 's patent,but he has the rigtht to make a gun on the Lefaucheux 1833 patent

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Lefaucheux’s Patent 1849

If you can see this, it’s Lefaucheux for sure

Well mine is definitely different. Belgian Proofs indicated it was made after 1853.

Who is C.F?

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I found nothing on “CF”
16 gauge? Under the barrel,we can see “17.0”

If you want to see or read more, clic on the link below



C.F is probably a person who work on this shotgun …

The 16g seems really loose and wiggles a lot in here

14g fits perfectly:


Thanks. Normally a barrel with “17.0” is a 16 gauge. Maybe, he took a 16g barrel and he made a 14 gauge (increasing diameter of the chamber)

You are bragging with that Eprouve Liege headstamped case.
I have never seen any proof cases for sale in Australia.
Keep up the good interesting items. Ron.

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There is info in here about some more of those proof cartridges if you haven’t picked up a copy yet. (Also in IAA Journal Issue 494, Nov/Dec 2013)