Winston Churchill’s pinfire from his museum

Visited London a couple weeks ago and went the the Churchill War Rooms and Churchill Museum. Supposedly this pinfire revolver was owned by Churchill. They didn’t have anything written about it.


I’ve got the hole story about his periode in South Afrika and this revolver.
I wrote an article about it in French, nobody wanted to publish it … why , no idea ?

I published the article here …

Churchill et son revolver à broche. – Lefaucheux père et fils (


A very interesting story about a pinfire.Thanks.

That’s a very nice article. It’s a shame no one published it!

It was published in the Netherlands but in France they didn’t wanted … eternal rivalry between the French and the English … possible, …but “has been”.

Nice pictures, very interesting.

Hello, i would really like to read this article. Is there an English version available ? Thank you.
Mike R

Try this Google Translate link to it:

Thank you Aaron ! I appreciate it. Could you check the email I sent to you about a week ago ?